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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blog on Blogin'

I hope I'm in the right place for my post on blogging =/.

Well this is my post for the 1 mark on the test this Friday.

The other day, Mr Kuropatwa was reviewing how to graph sine and cosine graphs. He showed us how to get the new values for the graph by using the formula period=2Pi/B. The he started dividing it into halves, quarters and three-quarters. I don't know about the other students but I was very confused. So I looked at the new values for a long time and realized that if you took the reciprocal of B and multiply it by the original values, you will get your new values.

For example:

B=4, so the reciprocal would be, -1/4 (let's ignore the negative sign).

1/4(Pi/4)=Pi/16, 1/4(Pi/2)=Pi/8, 1/4(3Pi/2)=3Pi/8, 1/4(2Pi/1)=2Pi/4-->Pi/2

Therefore the new values for the graph of y=2sin4(x+5)+3 are:
Pi/16, Pi/8, 3Pi/8, Pi/2

This way of getting the new values for the sine and cosine equations has cleared things up for me. I found that it really helps in making it easy to find the new values to any sine or cosine graph. I thought it was pretty cool and it just clicked. =)

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