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Monday, February 20, 2006


I really liked today's class, even though half of the class was about something else. No matter, it was still related to math. It's actually amazing that Wile proved that "French dudes" theorem about having a higher integer power than two in the pythagorean theorem. Near the end i lost the point of why Wile was trying to solve the theorem, to see if it was actually true. Outstanding acheivements, like what Wile found out is remarkable. It makes you think, why didn't i think of that? Or i dont know what to say.

Mr. K, thanks for telling us about amazing people that did amazing things =). If we (students) work hard, more than just to pass, i think math will be more easier. The reward in the end...it's worth it.

I really feel good at this point in the course, the first unit had a mediocre difficulty. I get most of the stuff in class and this makes learning fun =p. There is one subject that i am confused about. reciprocal functions. i understand that i hae to reverse the values. What i am confused about is... Do we reverse exact values to find a pi value? Or do we reverse a pi value to find an exact value?

Learning how to graph funtions with a certain period also helped me. Before you showed us how to draw the graph, without squishing it into a small space; i did exatly that. i divided the area of 2 pi by what every value b was. I know how to graph a function more efficiently, when you showed us last week.

Well, that's all i can say for this blogging on blogging...

Bye world

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