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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Truthfully, I am struggling in class, but not to the extent that I want to give up or that I tell myself I understand nothing. I can comprehend basically everything we've learned, but it takes me a little more time to let it sink in, so that I can use it and manipulate any given question with ease. I already know what can help me solve this problem; do more of my homework. I'm very aware that this was the case wit Mr. K's previous students near the beginning of the semester, and I really need to kick the habit of procrastination. So, all I really need to do in order to be at the classes pace, is to study harder.

I, specifically found that learning the values of the unit circle was no problem. Nor was solving trigonometric equations any hassle for me. I did have trouble with adding and subtracting fractions with different denomenators, but we already reivewed that in class yesterday, so I have a better understanding of that concept. As I've already stated, all I really need to do is put in more time into reviewing my notes and, as well as not sleep in class. Mr K, your class is awesome. You motivate us, make sure we're comfortable with the work, allow us to ask questions without hesitation and tell us interesting stories. In shorter terms, your class is fun and enjoyable. =)

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