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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

circular functions blog

This is my attempt of blogging on blogging. As of now we are done the circular functions unit so we are now learning a new unit, transformations. Today in class we learned how graphs can be either compressed or stretched and . If y= kf(x) where k is any real number and y= 2f(x) , then the graph is streched vertically by a factor 2. Also if y= 1/2 f(x) , then the graph is compressed horizontally by a factor of 1/2 In other words if k > 0 then the graph is streched by the factor of k and if k < color="#ff0000">k. If the value of k were a negative number; -2 or -1/2 the graph is not only streched or compressed but also is reflected on the x-axis.

I'm pretty confident about my knowledge in last course. I usually understand what is being taught to me. However it wasn't like that all the time, I was having a little trouble understanding the six basic trig functions. In attempt to conquer that weakness I asked a friend for help during a spare to find out that he also was having trouble in that section and we both ended up asking Mr. K for help, and yes we both understand it now. My favorite part of this unit would be the graphing because I find it easy to graph an equation and making up an equation for a graph isn't hard eaither. I think now I am prepared to write the test.

This is my picture of Pi;

Did you know there is a movie called "Pi The Movie" ? Well now you do. It appeared in the Sundance festival in 1998, directed by Darren Aronofsky. It is about a mathematical genius who is lost in his own world and is spiraling out of control. He is obsessed with explaining the essense of chaos theory. Critics said this movie was a thriller and a study of genius, obsession and madness. Cool?!? If you want to know more about it you can go to this link: http://www.pithemovie.com/gifpage.html (the official site for the film).

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