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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Day 2 Scribe

Hello fellow students, my name is Calvin. This is the 2nd scribe, we're well on our way for our " book " ha. well lets start....! I cannot guarantee that following information is accurate.

Okay so in the morning we didn't have any classes because it is a even day. We started our day in the class of Mr. K, as he explained a little about "Blogging on Blogging" which is now posted for your enjoyment. He introduced us a new way of taking care of homework questions that we as the students didn't understand or didn't get. In order to get help on these questions, as you walked in the class, there would be a person standing beside the side board in the room, which would be putting checks beside the questions that you needed assistance with. The person who volunteered to do this task was our brave Janet.

We received handouts, which included Exercises' 2-6, along with the answers to the first exercise. The answers for exercises 2-6 are on this web blog somewhere... I think? We have a new student in our classroom, his name is Jan. I believe he will need some assistance with what he missed, any volunteers? Don't look at me... =P Okay well we began on our Math Dictionaries.

Standard Position - The line starting at the 0° to measure an angle anywhere in the circle.

Transversal - The line that goes through 2 parallel lines.

Sector - Two radius lines that make an angle. ( eg. a slice of pizza )

( These defininations are my own words, just my way of making them seem simple opposed from Mr. K's line of fanciness )

As the class comes near to the end of the period, we learn a new formula to calculate the " area of sector "

         In Degrees                     In Radians

           θ          S                       S         θ                      θr²
         ------ = ------                ------ = ------    OR    S = ------
         360°       πr²                   2π       πr²                     2

θ is the angle in degrees or the angle in radians
S is the area of the sector
r is the radius

Example :

Find the Area of the Sector with central angle of 30° in a circle with the radius of 10 cm

                30°            S
               -----    =   -------
                360          π(10)²

      30 - 100π
      ------------    =   S

               25 π
              ------    =   S
      26.1799 cm² ≈   S

Note that, that is NOT an equal sign, it represents that it is approximately that value.

To finish this off, we drew the diagram of the unit circle, labeling the main angles which were mentioned earlier that day and posted by Van. *Refer to the previous scribe for the angles which you WILL have to remember. The class had ended early because of the early dismissal, hope this was insiteful enough for you bloggers out there.

Eck this stuff really does take long, good luck to the next scribe, Abdi. Good luck, please make it more interesting than my own.
** Information maybe not accurate, as it was my take on the flow of words coming out of Mr.K's mouth. **

                            © of Calvin Incorp. 2006

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At 2/09/2006 12:03 AM, Blogger Richy said...

That probably took really long. And you didn't use a table. Great job.


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