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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Hey guys you probably have or have not heard about this event that we are holding at our school next month in march. Well it's a funraiser for War Child called "Keep the Beat." It's basically like a dance off for all the "B-Boying" and Hip Hop dancers out there. Futher details about this event can be easily obtained by your very own president or your vice president. OH btw did I mention it's open to everyone ? Yes everyone, meaning people outside our school doors who just love to dance, so make sure you guys tell all your friends so we can have a great turn out for this event.

BTW if you guys haven't noticed yet, it's almost PI day (nearly a month away), and that means the coin hunt is going to be starting soon. Be on the look out for March 14 (PI) for which this event is going to begin, and if you want any further details on that you can easily ask Mr. K. It's not as easy as walking around the school with a magnifying glass walking around and searching every square millimetre of the school. It's about figuring math problems, hence Mr. K thought of it. =P

Hope you guys try to help us out in supporting our school with these two events happening in the near future.

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