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Monday, February 20, 2006

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Ok people it looks like we have finished our first unit in precal 4s. I think every thing is perfect. We have covered a lot of things in this unit and most of them I think are well understood. This is what we did for this unit:

We start off with CIRCULAR FUNCTIONS you know degrees and radians, and converting both using this equation D/180=R/pi. And I thought this was not hard, most of us understood it very well. The next thing we did is Complementary angles, supplementary angles, opposite angles, transversal, alternate angles, and corresponding angles. And this was well done for what I thought. Then there was arc length where we had this formulas R/2pi=L/2pir (for radians), D/360=L/2pir (for degrees), and R=L/r. This formulas where not that bad just take what you have and put it in the formula, easy. There was area of a SECTOR which was not that bad either. This time the UNIT CIRCLE which was hard on the beginning you know getting used to radians but then we did some mental math which helped us a lot. But then I still think that I have a problem when its big radians and - radians. But then I will get it one day. We did THE SIX BASIC TRIG FUNCTIONS and this was ok for most of us. And then the big one SINUSOIDAL FUNCTIONS. This most people had difficulties but I thought it was ok but then I had a some problems with the phase shift (C) but now I think I'm good with that after Mr. K helped us in today's morning class. Writing some problems on the board and we had to find the graph and then the 2 functions. Well that was it for this unit.

So you guys have fun and REMEMBER TEST ON FRIDAY.

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