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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Scribe Number ? haha

Yeah yeah I know Marcquin probably doesn't have his scribe up yet so you're probably wondering why i'm scribing for today's class. It's simple he told me yesturday he was going to pick me. Haha talk about planning your future huh.

Well yeah I guess you can kind of tell that we had a double class today since i'm splitting what we did in both class (idea BORROWED from Teddie). Well during period 2 we were very fortunate, why you may ask because we had Ms. Ilagan (I think that's how you spell it ?) for half of the period and we did absolutely NOTHING =P. Just joking, Mr. K thought it would have been funny to leave us a FULL board of questions to do while he was gone "fooling around" with the junior highs during they're tour haha. I thought that was kind of mean because we could have used that time to help each other from yesturday's homework but no he deciding to be mean and leave us a review for our test on friday (BTW thanks Mr. K for that it helped PLENTY). And here's the questions:

a) sec π / 4 = 2 / root 2
b) csc π / 3 = 2 / root 3
c) cot π / 2 = 0
d) sec 7π / 6 = -2
e) csc 5π / 3 = -2 / root 3
f) cot (-3π / 2) = 0
g) sec (-3π / 4) = -2 / root 2
h) csc (-4π / 3) = 2 / root 3
i) cot (-15π / 6) = - root 3
j) sec (-24π / 3) = 1

NOTE: Red = answers just to clearify
btw they were in two columns on the board with a - e on side and f - j on the other.

Afterwards, we took the answers from the first column and either added, subtracted, mulitplied or divided it them with the question in column two.
Basically it was like :
a) + f) = 2 / root 2
b) - g) = 2(root 2 + root 3) / root 6
c) x h) = 0
d) / i) = 2 / root 3
e) - j) = ?? sorry I forgot to write it down but if you have it please tell me and i'll put it in

After all that we had 2 questions where we had to graph two equations:
a) y = -2cos3x+1
b) y = 3sin(x-π / 4) - 2
Sorry guys but I won't be able to put up the graphs for these functions because uhh I don't know how to make one that's easy to read =/, but if you would like to teach me that would be greatly appricaiated =D.

And the third question was to find two equations from a graph, a sin and a cosine.
The 2 equations where :
y = 2sin2(x-π / 4) - 1
y = -2cos2x-1

Second class started off rather strangely. Jessica told Mr. K that she had found a longer word than the one he had on the board (the left most board under the binary ( ones and zeros) code). She wrote it on the board and everyone tried to say it. haha To make it easier it was a lung diease from volcano dust =P haha you can ask Jessica what that word was if you really want to know it =P.

Anyway back on track, Mr. K started this class off with giving us examples to copy down in our dictionaries for transformations. One where it shifts on the y-axis, another shifts on the x-axis and a third where it does both. Then we went into the:

Streatches and Compressions

The Role of Parameter a
a > 1 The graph is stretched vertically by a factor a
0 less than a but less than 1 The graph of f is compressed vertically by a factor a
Essentially, a changes the y - coordinates of the function f
The y - coordinates are multiplied by a

The Role of Parameter b
b > 1 The graph of f is compressed horizontally
0 less than b but less than 1 The graph of f is stretched horizontally

Essentially, b changes the x - coordinates of the function f
The x- coordinates are multiplied by 1 / b
Mr. K then explained why we multiply by the recipricol of b, but I zoned out because he lost me haha yet when he explained it yesturday it made a lot of sense =/.

Again followed by a few examples showing the translations.

Then we started on our reflection notes :

Given any function f(x) :
-f(x) : produces a reflection across the x-axis
The y - coordinates of f are multiplied by (-1)

f(-x) : produces a reflection across the y-axis
The x - coordinates of f are multiplied by (-1)

And that was the end of our notes. Mr. K then began explaining his baby clean up story with his daughter and related it to how inverses work (honestly Mr. K how do you find these relationships ? ) haha it was a really entertaining class today. oh BTW haha remember when you feel the bad feeling in you're stomach because of frustration turn the tv on and watch a comedy sitcom that's ONLY 30 MINUTES LONG. Why ? Because research shows that laughter relaxes the brain and something about connections happen ? haha so yeah enjoy.

Tomorrow's scibe is going to be dun dun dun J-E-F-F-E-R-S-O-N.

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At 3/01/2006 5:49 PM, Blogger Regine said...

It's late but, nice blog er scribe. You're so lucky you only had to scribe for one class.haha. good job. *thumbs up*


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