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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

scribe # ?!?!

First of all I would just like to thank michael for picking me as a scribe for today. I can possibly say that I am the luckiest scribe in the world.
Hmmm where to begin with all the knowledge educated to us today...ha
Mr. K was not at school today so we had a substitute, Mr. Ostrander, who was very benevolent to give us a period to do something productive or in other words a free period. Students were mainly working on their precal and or other homework. Now I don't know what else to share, I'm positive I've covered everything we did in class. So there is really nothing else to say except who the next scribe is. I'm choosing this person *ahem (T3DDiE) because he doesn't think he can handle it but I believe he *ahem (T3DDiE) will be able to execute it well tomorrow, so to not give out anymore hints *ahem (T3DDiE) I'm just gona say it, our next scribe for tomorrow will be T3DDiE!

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