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Monday, February 20, 2006

Test Bloggage

Hmm well this unit was pretty straight forward for me. Like the converting degrees to radians and vice versa sure no problem, and the arc length and the surface area of a sector easy stuff because it's like just plugging in the numbers to where they belong. Then here comes something like pi is an element of real numbers and graphing and i'm like uhh ? hmmm ? nothing's making sense. Well after today's class the graphing is beginning to make a lot of sense now. The break down of how it was supposed to be and everything really helped. Just a little more reviewing and practicing and this should be in the bag. Now when pi is an element of real numbers this is stuff I clearly have no idea of what is going on =/. I don't understand how it works and all that. But I will try to get it all understood by friday so I get into our agreed mark of 80 - 100 % =D.

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