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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Don't laugh it's my first time

This is my first time making this so don't complain because I don't complain when you made yours hahaha...ok and if something goes wrong I don't want to hear it in class aight.

Trigonometric modeling
For Saskatchewan town, the latest sunrise is on December 21 at 9:15 AM. THe earliest sunrise is on June 21 at 3:15 AM. Sunrise times on other dates can be predicted from a sinusoidal equation
NOTE : there is no day light savings time in saskatchewan.
A) sketch a graph of sunrise times over the year
B)write 2 equations, one sine and one cosine to describe sunrise times over the year.
C)use the equation to predict the time of sunrise on April 6.
D)on what dates will the sun use at 7:00 am?
Find the D-coordinates for June 21
  • number the days between the max and the min
  • on the graph june 21 is day 172 since half the period is 182, the full period is 2(182)=364 days
  • Also 1/4 of the period is 182/2= 91 days

D=6.25 s(d)=-3sin 2pi/364(d-81)6.25
D=6.25 s(d)=3cos 2pi/364(d+10)6.25
Find D for April 6
month / #days
jan 31
Feb 28
Mar 31
Apr 6
Total 96
=5.48188 - 5 X 60
5:28 .9130 - 28 X 60
for COSINE fill in just like SINE well not exactly like it because they have diffirent ABCD's well you know what I mean, I didn't do it because I was lazy and stuff so yea...Ah whatever I'll do it any ways
5:28 .9169 - 28 X 60
D) s(d)=7
for now "@" will represent theda since I don't know how to make theda and plus I don't know how to spell theda so if your getting angry or something about it don't, cuz I didn't bother to learn how to spell it, if it is wrong tell me in class and don't laugh cuz I cry easily...
let @=[2pi/364(d-81)]
7= -3sin@ +6.25
now the last part I can't make out cuz I think I was writing sloppy so I went to calvin and got his notes to see what the last part was and I got home and I realized that calvin's writing is not as adaquite basically his writing really sucks sorry man I'm just saying and sorry for typing it down and telling everyone that your writing is terrible...we still cool "G" ? aight cool...
I'll try to do this last part from both notes but If it's wrong I'm sorry
(364/2pi) 2pi/364(d-81)=.2526(364/2pi)
d=66 or march 7
ok That's it if there's anything wrong with it like if you can't see the graph or something that means your eyes are closed hahaha just joking but seriously your eyes are closed...don't tell me if it was to hard to see cuz honestly I can't see it either...and the scribe...will be randomly selected...I will close my eyes and who ever hasn't been a scribe yet must stand in a circle around me and I will point in any random direction, if I point in your direction you will be the scribe, I'm only doing this cuz I can't decide and wanted to do something diffirent with choosing the scribe...

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At 3/06/2006 7:46 PM, Blogger Regine said...

hahaha.that's funny. nice scribe. not bad for a first timer. but mostly all of us were. hahah. you're funny. that's great


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