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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sisyphus' Bloggon the Blog 2

So, in todays class Mr.K wasn't present, and so there was a substitute. It was sort of a relaxing class, which I liked, because yeah... I loove to relax! But anyway, we worked on two reviews on transformations, which is our unit we are currently studying on. I think I'm doing fairly well upon the topic, I understand most of it.

The problem for me, which I found out today, lies within the word problems. In the review there was this one question that practically stumped everyone, without the use of actually graphing it on a calculator and doing it by ourselves ( letter c in question number 2 to be more specific =D ). And for the other word problem, the answers can vary, depending on how you graph it, so I don't know if I'm doing it right =S, and also letter c for that question bugs me aswell.

A Topic Totally Unrelated to Math (don't have to read) -

For the game gridlock, which was our Sunday game Mr.K posted up. I've made it to level 28! Sorry Mark =P. I did it within an hour, and I had to stop because of work =(, but then later finding out I wasn't working after I arrived. I was too disappointed to start all over because I shutted my computer off (So much for sisyphus hey? I bet even he takes some breaks though =P, and that's what im doing). I'm just bound to bad luck it seems.

Oh, and my random act of kindness today, was pushing a helpless lady's car stuck in the snow when I was walking home afterschool. What are the odds of someone who went out to buy kitty litter earlier in the day get stuck in the snow. Yep, my incredible idea was to use it for traction. It was a success! But while I pushed the car out with my girlfriend helping, I was smoked with kitty litter mixed with snow all over me by the rapid spin of the tire. Yeah, just another example of bad luck for today. And to top that off I dropped my supper on my shirt, twice, once the whole plate, and the second time about half of it. Don't ask me how. Well, I'm not trying to be pessimistic, I'll just think of it as, it could always get worse.


Yeah, so for the gridlock game, I've done it! Took me awhile (about 2 hours, a little less). These math games always keep me from doing my homework. SISYPHUS!

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