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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sisyphus' Bloggon the Blog 3

So class today was kind of laid back for me, but I like to be laid back! We had a pre-test on the unit trignometric identities. I did fairly well on it on my own, but the discussion in our groups afterwards was a really big help! It was just too bad spy time wasn't of any aid this time, I guess our spy wasn't really spytatious (kidding Jefferson =P).

Anyway, during the unit, we learned that there are identities in identities that we could use it in other identities to solve for more identities. Yeah, in more understandable words, there are many many ways to solve it. It's best to preferbly solve it in a way, that all the math terms are alike (if majority is sine, then try to change the other terms into sine aswell if possible).

The most difficult thing for me in this unit, would have to be just knowing when to use an identity in another identity, and realising it. For example, realising that 2cos²θ-1 or 1-2sin²θ are the same and can be rewritten as cos(2θ). But now that I wrote it out in this blog, I think I could remember =)

So that's about it, good luck on friday!

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