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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Trigonometric Identity Review / Scribe Post # 29

I so knew Regine was going to pick me (saw it in a dream). Well my computer is busted and so I'm using a friend's right now (yeaup that's how dedicated I am). Today's class was basically a review on Trigonometric Identities. The class was a big help considering the test is tommorrow and which by the way good luck on.

So, what we did in class was basically working on questions involving this unit. The questions are directly from the pre-calculus 2003 provincial exams, so expect similar ones like it.
The following questions we did were:

1) Solve for x on the interval [0, 2π]
3sin(2x) + cosx = 0
[ click here for answer ]

2) If secx = 3, find tanx
[ click here for answer ]

3) Find a root of f(x) = 2cosx-1
[ click here for answer ]

4) Simplify
(sinx + cosx)² - 1
[ click here for answer ]

5) Find the exact value of
cos(7π/12)cos(π/12) + sin(7π/12)sin(π/12)
[ click here for answer ]

6) Find the exact value of
a) cot(7π/6) - tan(π/6) - sec(π/6)
b) cos105°
[ click here for answer ]

7) Prove that
( cos²x / sinx - sin²x ) = 1 + cscx
[ click here for answer ]

And that's a wrap. We also did a few more questions on request, but they're similar to these. Good luck again on the test!

EDIT: Well my computer's fixed now =). And as you all may know I forgot to pick the scribe for next time, but I picked Jefferson in class. Just posting it for the record.

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