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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

blog ? WHY? haha

wow i keep forgetting to do this and when i do it's when i'm already sleeping haha just excited. anyway conics has been and unusal road for me. the same thing happend to me when we were doing the trig word problems. I understood in class then at home it's like holy what's with the math language ? haha it's been like that for the past week so i tried getting it all straight. then today just today when we went over hyperbola's and we did that pre test it was like someone went into my head and was like 'look dude why were you ignoring me, i've been giving you answers for ages.' haha interesting huh i have voices in my head. don't worry i'm not crazy... *runs to corner rocks back and forth and whispers to self. lol just joking, sorry if i affended anyone it was supposed to be used as a pun. anyways the only thing confusing me right now is the elllipse. i don't know it's just something about that egg shaped thingy thats annoying me. i don't know what it is, or why it's doing it to me. i guess i'm just not clicking on all cylinders just yet. vroom vroom....

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