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Monday, April 03, 2006

blogg scribe for today

Hi guys! IM back for round 2... If I have to introduce myself again... Well I don't want to. Okay lets start off the first day of school with first handing back our quizzes and tests from the previous units, Circular Functions, Transformations, and Inverses. After the long wait, he handed each of us a piece of scrap paper. The class began to talk amongst eachother thinking if he was going to bomb us with something that would cause our brains to combust and explode. As the uneasy class sat back and waited for the reasoning behind the paper, he began to talk about " del.ico.us it " and how most people failed to complete the assignment. If its handed in before wensday, you can STILL get 90%, not 100% anymore because well... We kind of had spring break to do it. And every second day after that, it'll be a -10% for the max mark that can be achieved. After this conversation there was a controversy about wether or not one link that can link into more that one unit was allowed.. well, after a long chat about that it boiled down to you need 3 different links no matter what. after that we finally got to the paper and he told us it was just a scrap piece of paper. The instructions followed as
make a dot near the bottom of the page, as centre as you can.
draw 8 dots on the bottom of the page, evenally spaced would be nice.
the bottom left dot and fold it over so that the dot corresponds with the centre dot, then use your thumb nail and make it a very noticeable crease.
continue with the other dots until your done all the dots.
what does the shape look like? it should look like a parabola.
1) connect all the centre crease marks together to make a parabola.
2) label the dot that you drew in step one as F
3) draw 3 dots along that parabola, and label them P, Q, R.
4) using a ruler perpendicular to the bottom of the paper edge, draw a line to each of the dots, P, Q and R.
5) now use the ruler to connect each dot P, Q, and R to the dot F
6) meause line PF and then measure the other line that is perpendicular to the line.
7) if you've done it correctly, the lines should be equal in length.
8) repeat with the rest of the dots Q and R.
lookie at this example it should look SIMULAR not exactly its not scaled.
click here for example
the reason the point is labeled F, wasn't because i wanted to, it stands for Focus. As the F was the Focus, the edge of the paper, would be known as the "directrix" in simple words it is known as "fixed line". The parabola's definition is : As long as The distance between Focus and the Directrix to a fixed point are equal. ohh yeas, NO HOMEWORK GUYS relax for one last day =D

anndd the scribe for tommorow iss.... VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrmmmmmmmmm VAN

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