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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

blogging for this unit

wow, time is really passing very fast. we got less than 3 months before the graduation. i recieve my report card and my mark is ... so low! i should study hard now cause i dont want to recieve a 2nd line of 6 final mark! well for this unit, learning parabola is easy to understand but when it comes to hyperbola, its so confusing! i have a bit problem about remembering the transverse axis and conjugate axis. i first taught while working in the problem exercises given to us in class this afternoon that in hyperbola, transverse axis is always bigger than conjugate axis. analysing my notes from yesterday, i saw that that is wrong. also about our class today, i found something that can really help me a lot in this pre-cal class. while looking at jackie, emile and zaenab working together in the problem exercises, i remember my friends back in my home country. i think that having a study partner rather than working problems alone will really help to me gain interest and develop my skills in working out math problems. sometimes laziness strikes me doing every assignment but if there is somebody out there that will remind me even not during class time to do my homework and also that increases my willingness to study better cause i will not let my study partner to feel that im only the one benefiting from him while he's gaining nothing from me. well this is my blog for this unit and i hope to recieve a better mark on our upcoming test.

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