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Sunday, April 30, 2006

counting: a blogging on bloggin tale

successfully another unit is almost completed. i am not sure if we will be having a couple more classes on counting this week. Hopefully, if we do have 1 or two more classes, that we will get more practise to work on some problems. This unit poses some difficulties that lie below the underneathe. For some questions that we worked on the past week, the wording of some questions stumped me. I didn't realize that i read the question wrong until one of my peers in my group notified me or we went over that question as a whole class.
If a question asks for one thing, i tend to solve for that unknown and then usually you actually have to do the opposite to obtain the answer. I think a little more practise on the word problems would help prepare me for the test this week. I will also take some time to review concepts in this unit to better understand what a question wants and the possible options i have to solve that question.

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