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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


hi this is raymond
this is my 1st time 2 scribe so this it.

Definition : the Locus of a point that moves in such a way so that the
Difference of the distance ( Focal Radii ) from Two Fixed Point
( The Foci )
is constant.

[ PF1 - PF2 ]

The Anatomy of Hyperbola

  • a hyperbola has two Branches
  • A1A2 is called the transverse axis ; its lenghtr is 2a
  • the point of A1 and A2 are called verticies
  • B1B2 is called conjugate axis ; its lenght is 2b
  • 0 is the centre of the hyperbola
  • the foci are at F1 and F2 . they are located c units long
    the transverse axis from the centre 0.
  • the line y=b/a x and y= -b/a x are the equation of the
    asymptotes of the hyperbola .
    [NOTES: this example has centre (0,0)]
  • the transverse axis and conjugate axis are lines of symmetry for the hyperbola.

ok i'm done now the scribe sorry for the late scribe ,I don't know wat its 1st to do. I'm confused!!! so the next scribe is aldridge

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