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Monday, April 24, 2006


The number of ways to arrange n objects that contain
k, k2, k3, .... sets of non-distinguishable
objects is given by:

Circular Permutations

The number of ordered arrangements that can be made from
n objects arranged in a circle is given by:
Ok people that was all for today (notes) but we talked about
this new assignment that we had to do and be done by the end
of may. This assignment can be found at this web site,
The assignment is a math problem that each one of us
had to solve (just one problem per person). This is
race, first person that gets to a problem and solves it
gets the mark for that question. And the second part
is to fix someone's problem if he/she gets it wrong.
Anyways that was all for the day and now its pay back
time, hahahaha anddddd the next scribbbe is calvinw.

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