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Friday, April 21, 2006

Scribe # ???

Hi my name is Charlene, you guys might hardly recognize me because this is my first time being scribe. So sorry if my scribe sucks haha. Anyways to start things off I would like to say that today we had a double period class and during those two periods we both had group assignments. The first period worksheet was not a hand in assignment however the second period worksheet was.

examples from the first worksheet:

1) The last part of your telephone number contains four digits. How many such four-digit numbers are there?
10*10*10*10 = 10,000

2) How many such four-digit numbers are there if the same digit numbers are there if the same digit cannot be used twice?
10*9*8*7 = 5040

3) How many four-digit numbers begin with a 2,4 or 0 if the same digit cannot be used over?
3*9*8*7 = 1512

The second class started off with Mr.K teaching us more about counting and arranging things in a circle.

Heres an example from the board:

In a circle with three beads you can only arrange it in two ways because even though you switch the beads around it will be the same due to rotating it. In a bracelet (3D world) there is only one way you can arrange three beads because you can flip it over and it will still be the same.

Mr K. stated that the the first thing you should do when arranging things in a circle is to put down a reference point(the first thing you put down) and then build around it.

umm I guess this is the end of my scribe, sorry its to hard to remember everything else considering the fact that today was full of a lot of things. Anyways the next scribe is.........Abdi (alphabetical order)

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