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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sisyphus' Bloggon the Blog 4

So, today's class was with a substitute teacher because Mr.K wasn't here! I wonder why... Anyway, he was pretty good at explaining things for me on the topic of Hyperbolas in our Conics sections. I have clearly understand how to find just about anything about the hyberbola because of this class and the worksheet given. Drawing these graphs are pretty fun. Although I do not understand how to interpret some, well most, word problems what-so-ever about the hyberbola, like when it asks to write the standard equation when all you're given is, the center, a verticie, and a point that it runs through. It's not like the circle that's for sure, or the parabolas, but similar in ways to the ellipse. I've sisyphus through it for over an hour trying to figure it out, well more like stare mindlessly at it, but you get the point.

To wrap things up, the Conic section, or Analytic Geometry, as some might call it, for me it's not too bad. Circles, Ellipses and Parabolas, like most people in the class, find it not too difficult. It's just some parts for the Hyperbola. It could be due to the fact that we really only spent roughly a class on it. I need notes ;D! Well, I know I can look foward to that in tomorrow's class, right Mr.K.

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