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Thursday, May 04, 2006

blog post

at last! i remember my username & password after inputting a lot of possible usernames and passwords that i'm using at blogger. i thought i can't log in anymore on my account. well, this unit seems easy for me at first because i had studied pascal's triangle and binomial theorem 2 years ago. but that term thing confuse me still sometimes, whether there is a 0th term or non. what confuses me also is that permutation and combination thing. there are times when i'm using "choose formula" in a problem where "pick formula" should be applied. i sometimes think that some problems are really impossible to solve but the group discussion helps me cause everyone is explaining their part leading to one answer favoured by the majority in our group. it also helps me to have an idea (and remain that in my mind cause we brainstorm for every question) how to solve a similar problem. hope to get a good mark for our test in this unit and hope i can still take the pre-test that i miss this afternoon.

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