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Friday, May 12, 2006


Oh my god Jacky that was an AWSOME scribe and thanx for choosing me the lucky scribe for today:) I would also like to say to the last 9 scribes in a row they did an amazing and an out standing job on there scribes.
Hay class mates i hope that you are starting to study for this units TEST. This unit was short unlike the other ones. Okay today was a one period class and as always it starts at 1:20 pm and if you were not in Mr.K class by that time you must bey him Ice Tea. We got alot of flavours covered alrady but we want to cover them ALL so keep on working on that class mates :) And today we just did a pre-test.

The pre-test is as fallows
Calculators are allowed.

1) Twelve people, including you, are members of a choir. The choir director is going to choose three members to attend a workshop. The probability you and two other members will be chosen is:
a) 1/4 b)3/10 c)1/12 d)1/10
Solution: Ther are 3 to be chosen out of 12 people 3/12 reduce it = 1/4 Therefore, the answere you must choose is (a).

2) Rex is playing a guessing game. The probability he will guss each question correctis 0.3. What is the probability he will guess exactly 5 out of 10 questions correct?
a)0.15 b)0.10 c)0.29 d)0.80

Solution: (C)= Correct answers (W)= Wrong answers p(c)=0.3 CCCCC WWWWW (10C5)(0.3)^8(0.7)^5 =0.10 Therfore, the one you choose should of been (b)
3) The serial number of a $10 bill contains 8 digits. If your $10 bill contains the digit 7 at least once, you win a prize. What is the probability that you'r $10 bill will win?

Long Answer Questions
4) Jhon takes the bus to school on two days, and on the other three days he walks. If he takes the bus he is late 10% of the time, but if he walks he is late 30% of the time.
a) What is the probability that John arrives on time?

Solution: On time:p(Bo)+p(Wo) =0.36+0.42 =0.78 (100) =78%

b) If jhon was late, what is the probability that he took the bus? solution:
P(Bl/l)= p(Bl)/p(Bl)+P(Wl) =0.04/(0.04)+(0.18) =(0.4)/(0.22) =0.1818 (100) =18%

And the Next Lucky scribe is .......i need a drum roll :) I can't dacide so i put the names in a hat and i picked one out and the next scribe is Van. It was the only way i could be fair and after all this is the end of the probability unit. :P :P

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