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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

scribe post (post # 200)

although i didn't exactly finish this post as the 200th post, based on the post arrangement i'm still the 200th blogger here! well, i'm aldridge and i'm the scribe for today. i'm not looking forward joining the scribe's hall of fame for this scribe post cause this topic is really confusing to me and i don't get some of it. well today is a 1 period class. everybody seems to be earlier than the bell today and most of the class is passing around 3 bubble teas to be tasted. the bell rang twice and after a few moment Abdi enters the door. seems like no one notice him cause everyone is busy doing something except for Van who immediately put Abdi in the board after noticing him. Hopefully, Mr. K will bring the lemon squares tomorrow.
We did some review about probability today. the results form our quizstar quiz are already in. Mr. K discuss to us all of the question from that quiz. here they are:

these are the top 3 questions where most of us who take the quiz got it wrong. just click on the image to make it bigger.
here are the other 7 questions with their answers:

out of 16 students who do the quiz, the class got a total average mark of 72%, not bad for this unit.

sorry if this post took me long to post up. some of the statements I made here are already past tense but since the date posted is still may 16, its better to leave those statements in present and future tense. the next scribe will be emile.
I hope this is my last scribe post. haha... jk..

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