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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sisyphus' Bloggon the Blog 6

Like I said in my previous 'BoB' post, counting and probability is my weakest unit in math. However, now I do think I am getting stronger at it because of the repitition. The problem that lies within me, I'd probably say that it is my ability to read questions 'wrongly.' My 'spelling errors,' as Mr.K would put it. As well as the habit of second guessing myself. But I do understand the concepts, and the group work today helped proved that to myself (e.g. adding 2/9 + 2/9 + 1/12 to equal 11/36... sorry to you guys in my group, really). Mistakes are made to be learned from, it just takes me about twice to get it. I'm looking foward to the pre-test tomorrow, I really am. Good luck to you guys, and remember to Sisyphus.

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