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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sisyphus' Bloggon the Blog 5

COUNTING AND PROBABILITY! Well what can I say... It's probably my weakest area. I haven't learned about it in grade 9, or grade 10 (due to teachers skipping the unit or lightly touching up on it because of time restrains, they usually just said it's easy! you'll do it next year), and only a little bit in grade 11.

Today's class showed me that I do get it, the concepts at least. Like when we were engaging in group discussions. My group and I, answered the questions they way it was done, but just messed up numbers (7! instead of 8!, because we forgot to add the "bag" as an entity of its own). It's those little mistakes that throw me off completely. Although they could sometimes fustrate me, I do find these problems fun to do. I also got to burn into memory pascals triangle, like how "0C0 is the 1st term and not the 0th term, like in university." Someone has to seriously change that hold concept thing into the university idea to call it and start with the zeroth term, it makes so much more sense to me!

Overall, the unit isn't too rough on me. The whole period spent on finding the probability in poker hands interested me greatly (Yes, we are learning how to gamble! *sarcasm*). I've learnt a lot on how to use those concepts for the other problems I once had difficulty on. I feel like I can nail any problem like that now. *Crosses fingers for poker questions on exam.*

Oh man, my blogging posts are always so long. What's wrong with me? Ahh good luck to you guys on your tests. "May the good fortune be yours," as Mr.K would say it, I think?

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