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Monday, February 20, 2006

Post for Blogging on Blogging

Today's class was extraordinary from the days that we've been in the class. Personally, to tell you the truth doing the graph was really painful for me. Why? because I am not really a Math lover and it just come to a point in my head that it says "This must be STOP!!!" However, this day changed all my doubts in having to ever perform that such kind of graph. Seriously, I enjoyed this class today for what I've learned because of Mr.K continues effort but not that I'm saying that I don't enjoyed the previous classes that we had in the past, its just kind of different from today. Why? Because I'm happy to tell you that I understand it now, doing those graph is kind of EASY for me now. Unlike from the previous days that we were learning graphs, all I can say was "What was that?"or "Where did it came from?" Even though, I'm working those assignments that he gave us and almost every lunch, if I have time, I'm always asking for Mr.K's help.But I don't know it's just happen that it never got into my head. Maybe I'm not just fond with Math to get it into one sitting class.

Nevertheless my full thanks!!!to Mr. K for having such a GREAT PATIENCE for us. We all know that the party is just getting started but I hope this will continue this way.Well I guessed that's all I can say for our blogging on blogging.

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