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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Create a Scribers Guide to Scribing

Two days ago I received this email from a teacher friend of mine, Mr. Harbeck.

I would like to congratulate you[r classes]. Every scribe post I read is like taking part in your class. The students take tremendous pride in creating their posts and are all scribing at Hall of Fame levels. It would be interesting for them to reflect on their scribing and come up with a criteria for making the Hall of Fame. They know how much effort they put into their posts and what is worthy or not. As an outsider teaching 13 year olds who have no choice but to be in my class I do not see the devotion these scribes put forth every day. Everyone takes a turn and does a great job.

I would be curious if you did a "bob" on reflecting about scribe posts. The first to the last. What made a difference from the beginning of the course to the end. My topic was a dry etc one...this is how I spiced it up.

Could they create a scribers guide to scribing?

This is a talented bunch of students. Use them while you still have them. The Next bunch could be even better.

So here it is folks. You've more or less created this art form, now you can write the book on it. In the comments to this post answer these questions:

  • How do you go about writing a scribe post? Do you do anything differently in class when it is your turn to scribe? If so, can you describe what you do differently in class when you are scribe?

  • What makes a scribe post worthy of entry into The Scribe Post Hall Of Fame? Specifically, what should be included in the post for it to achieve this recognition?

  • Compare the first scribe post you wrote to the most recent one. What, if anything, did you do differently?

Your replies, and those of my other classes, will be collated and posted on a special page in The Scribe Post Hall Of Fame. Do yourselves proud. The world is watching; teach them how it's done. ;-)

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At 6/08/2006 9:58 PM, Blogger Emile said...

As a scribe you must to understand everything in that lesson than you usually have when you just sit there and just try to listen. But when you are scribe you should understand and know how to explain the lesson in a way everybody will understand.

The features that makes the scribe post being worthy to be a memeber of Hall of Fame are that colour of text so every reader will distinguish how important that word is, explaination should be understandable with all means,and diagram if ever.

The difference between the last scribe post that I had from the first one was that I spent more time than I spent on my first time because of the pressure that had put on my head.

At 6/09/2006 9:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I am the scribe for the day, I am more prepared for class than any other class. My mindset is different and I write everything and understand everything learned in class so I'll be able to explain it easily on the scribe post. What I've noticed is that when it's my turn to be the scribe, the lesson we learned is very clear in my head.

When i do a post, I want it to be noticed and worthy of recognition. So these are what makes a scribe post worthy of the hall of fame. There must be COLOR, ORGANIZED, CLEAR, UNDERSTANDABLE EXPLANATIONS, DIAGRAMS if needed, and YOU WANT THE READER TO BE INVOLVED AND INTERESTED.

The thing different about my first scribe post and my most recent is the explanations. The color and diagrams have been consistant in all my posts. I hope that when you read this, you can become a hall of fame scriber.


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