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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Zaeneb: Blogging on Blogging Post

Zaeneb was having computer trouble. She emailed me her blogging on blogging post. Here it is....

On February the 10 it was a great class because I understood everything that we were doing in the class. And the most things that impresed me in that class was when every body was asking questions about the home work and the graphs witch I did not really under stood then I finally understood.

In the course I understood what the teacher was talking about the grasps and the other assignments therefore I did my home work and I was glad that everything was becoming clear to me.

The thing that I thought was cool is when the teacher had thought us the grasps. On doughty could make a big difference and a really nice grasp also we can make a hart beat.

the thing that I did not under sod is the graphs and how they work I did not know where to put the dots and how to get the droughts on finally I got it after so many explanations and dissociations about how they got it to be there and why it should be there the moment of clarification came when my friends described it to me and made it really clear to me why it should be there I hope that I will not mess the thoughts and do them wrong on the test.
No, I haven’t come across something in the real world or another class that we've discussed in class.

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