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Friday, June 16, 2006

Message in a Podcast: Our Podcapsule

The students in our class wrote their final exam on Thursday June 15; they ended their high school mathematics careers. We made a podcast to celebrate! We left ourselves a "podcapsule" instead of a "time capsule." We left our future selves a message; hopefully it will help us improve our learning.

Here is our Podcapsule (8 minutes, 52 seconds). Please leave any questions, concerns, complaints, compliments, confusions, uncertainties, anxieties or other inquiries in the comments to this post.

You can also leave us an audio message if you wish. ;-) (You'll need a microphone.)

This isn't our last post yet -- I've got at least two more I want to get out before the end.

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At 6/23/2006 7:46 PM, Blogger Lani said...

Hi Pre Cal,

I love the idea of preserving a “whisper to future selves” in a podcapsule. So much of what you had to say resonated with me; I was saying “yes” out loud as I heard:
“Don’t be lazy.”
“Aim to be at the “I rule” level.”
“Learning is a conversation; get together in study groups to learn much more.”
“Learning to learn; ask one question per class”
“Do all your homework.”
“Make sure you know everything you learn.”
“Don’t forget the fundamentals.”
“Study more.”
“Believe you are capable of accomplishing great things.”
“Study notes every day.”

Oh, that I had had those whispers in my ear when I was in college that first year! You know so much more about learning than I did when I was your age!
You’ve done a great job with your podcast! Congratulations! I’d love to hear another podcast from you next June, to know your thoughts then.



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